Introducing HAKII MIXV: Redefining Audio Experience with Smart Bluetooth Visor Headphones

As you may already know, we released HAKII MIX, gaming-changing headband headphones last year. After several months of exploring, we are now proud to announce the release of HAKII MIXV Smart Bluetooth Visor Headphones, our latest breakthrough of development of life style wearable technology. Mixing fashion items with latest wearable technology, the HAKII MIXV helps … Read more

Introducing HAKII Wind II Bluetooth Cycling Glasses: Upgraded Riding Companion for Modern Cyclists

We are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation in wearable technology – the HAKII Wind II Bluetooth Cycling Glasses! With their cutting-edge features and sleek design, these revolutionary cycling glasses are set to upgrade your riding experience from traditional music listening experience. Get ready to elevate your cycling adventures with a seamless integration of audio … Read more

Open Ear Headphones: A Beginner’s Guide

Walking on the street nowadays, you will see more and more people wearing something shaped like earphones, but not stuffed into the ears. These things are likely to be open-ear headphones, a new type of headphones that are currently on trend. Do you also want to get one of these innovative headphones? The following article … Read more

Turbofuture: Review of the HAKII Mix Smart Headband Headphones

Turbofuture, a famous tech media that share unique expertise and knowledge about all things techy, reviewed our latest product HAKII MIX smart headband headphones “I especially appreciate the headband format, which provides comfort and stays in place no matter how enthusiastically I exercise. The HAKII Mix Smart Headband Headphones are recommended.” Please visit Turbofuture to read the full article

Wareable: Hakii Mix brings open-ear audio to your next headband

On January 21, 2023, Wareable, a well-known tech media about wearable technology, reported the launch of HAKII Mix. “Startup Hakii has unveiled a new smart headband that packs in open-ear audio, giving exercisers an alternative to bone-conduction headphones and traditional in-ear options. ”  To read the full article, please visit Wareable website

There’s a cool thing called breaking the rule

A headset! What imagination can you have? From design to experience, how to avoid falling into the dilemma of homogeneous competition? What is the most intuitive approach? Both style and workmanship are subversive. As we often say, defeat magic with magic. This time, we use “ice” to break the ice! This light sports headset is … Read more

HAKII Action True Wireless Earbuds Review

Package The packaging design of HAKII is very unique. You can open it by pulling it out of the box, and to help you to do so, they made a silicone pull ring on the top of the box, which is convenient and makes the packaging feel very luxury. The front of the packaging of HAKII … Read more

HAKII Action Sports Headphones Review

The HAKII brand should already be known to you from previous reviews. We present practically all wireless speakers that they currently have on offer. They can surprise many times with the quality of workmanship, beating even well-known brands of audio equipment. Therefore, I was waiting impatiently for the opportunity to check the newest product with … Read more

Hakii Action Pro True Wireless Sport Earbuds Review – Geekman

HAKII Action Pro is a feature-packed pair of TWS earbuds for sport and fitness enthusiasts. These are mid-range earbuds that come at $99. Coming in this price range, the HAKII Action offers various features including IPX7 waterproof rating, APTX Codec support, CVC noise-cancellation, sport design, and various others. HAKII might be a new name for … Read more